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On your visit to La Rioja come to Finca Valpiedra. Meet one of the wineries belonging to Grandes Pagos de España, an exclusive and small group of wineries distributed throughout the national geography that, with unique vineyards and their own personality, claim the authentic terroirs of the country.

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We have taken all the hygienic-sanitary measures required, so that we can enjoy an experience of nature, leisure and wine among us.

vistas bodega


Get to know the Pago concept and enjoy the landscape and nature. We explain the importance of the excellence of the fruit from the vineyard to the glass.
Includes welcome wine, visit to the vineyard, winery and tasting of 2 wines: Cantos de Valpiedra and Finca Valpiedra with Rioja sausage.
15 €/person

Barricas valpiedra

Tasting in barrels

Enjoy the landscape and nature. Learn or complete your knowledge, taking with you the essence of our philosophy and the taste of our wines.
Includes welcome wine, vineyard and winery visit, tasting of 2 grape varieties from the barrel, tasting of 2 wines: Cantos de Valpiedra and Finca Valpiedra with Rioja sausage.
25 € per person.

Come closer and enjoy an experience and an exquisite environment.

Visiting hours:

June and July: Monday through Saturday: 09.30– 15 h
August: Tuesdays through Saturday: 09.30-15 h
September to May: Monday through Saturdays: 09.30 – 18.00 h

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La Rioja has multiple options to learn and enjoy its history, culture, gastronomy and, above all, wine. In your visit to La Rioja you can not miss the visit to Finca Valpiedra, we offer different visits and experiences for all tastes and interests.
Download this pdf where you will find all the visits we offer and contact us for any questions or reservations. We give you ideas to complete your visit to Finca Valpiedra.