Finca Valpiedra White Reserva grapes are fermented in french and american oak barrels without temperature control. Pre-fermentative maceration for 2 days.

Finca Valpiedra and Cantos grapes, once harvested and selected, are emptied into the hopper where they are destemmed and then go to the fermentation tanks. The winery has 31 small tanks where the different varieties (Tempranillo, Graciano and Maturana Tinta) from different plots are fermented separately. In this way, we select only the tanks that fulfil the demanding quality conditions we require to elaborate our wines.

Wine making

All the grapes of Finca Valpiedra White Reserva, Petra, Cantos and Finca Valpiedra come from the Estate. The harvest is made by hand and in boxes, with of a first selection of bunches from the vines. Later, a second and rigorous selection at the winery: the grapes go to a sorting table, before entering into the winery, where all the grapes that are not in a perfect state are rejected.

In the case of Petra de Valpiedra, the grapes are fermented in a concrete tank without temperature control with manual and delestage punching.

The heart of the winery is a pavilion with 2,500 oak barrels, stacked at maximum 3 layers, with appropriate and constant levels of temperature and humidity. In this pavilion, our wines age between 12 and 14 months, getting the organoleptic characteristics we require. For these wines we only use new French and American barrels. The wood gives, in any case, a secondary profile, as mainly guarantee of longevity and length of our wines.